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In 1946, the Great Depression was over and World War II had just ended. There was a critical need for public works improvements and an insatiable demand for housing. That year George Psomas started a small surveying firm in Southern California.

1946 Psomas Surveyor - George Psomas

1946 George Psomas, Surveyor

Los Angeles in the 1950s.

Los Angeles in the 1950s.
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50s and 60s

Psomas started to provide engineering services in the 1950s, but the trend took off in earnest in 1963 when Tim Psomas, George’s son, joined the firm after graduating with a degree in civil engineering from Loyola Marymount University.

George and Tim Psomas. Blake Murillo

George and Tim Psomas (left). Blake Murillo works GIS magic with 1985 technology.

70s and 80s

Psomas continued to mature throughout the 70s. Tim Psomas succeeded his father as president in 1976 and set out with a vision to grow the company. A second office, in Orange County, was added in 1978, the first of a number of new locations. Roughly 50% of the firm’s work now fell into the engineering category.

In 1981 the firm added offices in Sacramento and Riverside. By the end of the 80s public sector survey work, GIS and water/wastewater engineering had been added to the complement of services.

Sun City Del Webb

Psomas Sun City Del Webb Flood Control Plan


Thanks to the foresight of Tim Psomas, the firm’s strategic transformation in the early 90s kept it in tune with the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace. Psomas moved to target new growth areas, including serving the public sector in transportation engineering, expanding the firm’s geographic market, and staying in the forefront of technology. In the mid 90s Psomas opened its first office outside California, in Salt Lake City.

Jacob Lipa, Tim Psomas and Blake Murillo celebrate Psomas' 60th Anniversary in 2006.

Jacob Lipa, Tim Psomas and Blake Murillo celebrate Psomas’ 60th Anniversary in 2006.

2000s – Present

2002 marked a milestone, as Blake Murillo became CEO and Jacob Lipa became president. A long-term strategic plan targeted substantial growth, and by 2007 this produced new offices in California and Arizona.

In 2008 the economy entered the Great Recession. Psomas remained strong by directing its attention to the public sector and renewable energy markets.

With excellent core teams in place, Psomas was well positioned to take advantage of the economic recovery that finally dawned in 2012. The firm launched Micropolitan, a new subsidiary that will develop, own and operate apartment properties. In 2013 Psomas formed a partnership with TaKaDu, a global leader in water network monitoring and developed a new division to market SitStat, a cloud-based solution offering first responders fast access to information in the field. 2014 dawns with BonTerra Consulting, a premier environmental planning and resource management firm, joining the company.


Doyle Drive, a mobile scanning project.

At the beginning of 2015 a new milestone was set with Ryan McLean taking the helm as CEO of Psomas. Today, the small surveying firm started by George Psomas is thriving and continually ranked one of the top engineering firms in the United States.