Building Information Modeling (BIM) civil and survey services provide innovative solutions to our clients. Our experts in 3D design apply BIM to civil site plans to create a highly accurate virtual 3D site model. This process combines building layers, site improvements, underground utilities and existing conditions into one comprehensive model produced to an engineering design degree of accuracy.

Benefits of BIM

Knowledge: BIM provides a vast increase in project knowledge for all team members.

Integration: The site BIM is integrated with the architectural BIM into one comprehensive model. We also have the ability to provide data to the BIM through our state-of-the art 3D laser scanning processes.

Understanding: All team members glean a better understanding of a project early in the design phase to help with sequencing and phasing.

Analysis: The client gains improved ability to assess various options and align them with business goals.

Communication: BIM promotes better communication and integration with the owner, contractor, design team, and public agencies.

Select BIM Projects

LA County Hall of Justice Repair & Reuse
Los Angeles, CA

The Hall of Justice in Los Angeles, built in 1925, needed extensive renovations after the historic building was extensively damaged by the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Historical renovations were integral to the success of this project. Psomas used 1920s era record plans for structural BIM modeling of the building.

St. Jude Medical Center
Fullerton, CA

BIM for New Northwest Tower and Parking Facility Established nearly 65 years ago, St. Jude Medical Center has grown into one of Southern California’s most respected and technologically-advanced hospitals. To accommodate its growth, St. Jude is doing a $260-million expansion

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Bob Talafus, PE
Vice President

• Digital Terrain Modeling

• 3D Pipe Network Modeling
• Clash Detection Tracking and Reports
• Dynamic Quantity Take-off and Earthwork Calculations
• Visualization and Better Communication of Design Intent
• Site, Street, Storm Drain, Sewer and Water Facility Design
• Link 3D Model to Construction Schedule for a 4D Experience
• 3D Laser Scanning, Mobile and Static — captures existing conditions for use in BIM
• GPS Surveys — primary project control, site densification and infill data collection
• Field-to-Finish Surveys – use conventional survey methods to prepare 3D drawings of complicated site conditions for inclusion into BIM models