Our goal is to enhance your operations through effective deployment of spatial technology. We create sustainable GIS solutions based on business needs that deliver measurable value to our clients’ bottom line. Psomas brings advanced-technology solutions and expert knowledge of our clients’ business, supported by our engineering and survey specialists.

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Benefits of GIS

Organizational Effectiveness: To maximize organizational effectiveness, GIS solutions such as web-based and mobile information access are integrated with asset management; infrastructure modeling; and planning, permitting and document management systems.

Integrator of Technologies: We act as an integrator of technologies to get the most appropriate solutions at the best value.

Extensive Breadth of Knowledge: Our breadth of GIS knowledge is based on practice, research, training, and teaching. Our approach builds on more than 20 years of implementing GIS solutions across many disciplines.

Resources: As a large firm with a variety of services under one roof, we have a wide range of resources to bring to bear on all GIS projects.

Select GIS Projects

Enterprise Asset Management Program
Fontana, CA

The City of Fontana Public Works Department is using a GIS-based asset management system to improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing their public works infrastructure. The data-driven approach facilitates prioritization of rehabilitation and maintenance activities.

SitStat – Incident Situation Status Monitor
SitStat – Incident Situation Status Monitor
Alameda County, CA

The Alameda County Regional Emergency Communication Center is addressing inefficiency in fire incident response by implementing SitStat—Situation Status—which provides information in an easily used manner to incident commanders in the field and other locations. With SitStat now in place, all emergency responders respond and react with the same set of information at their fingertips.

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Han Chu
Director of Spatial Technology Solutions
    GIS Consulting

    • Needs Assessment
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Process Workflow Mapping, Analysis, & Redesign
    • Feasibility & ROI Analysis
    • Interagency Facilitation
    • Operations Mgmt

    GIS Data Management

    • Requirements Analysis
    • Geodatabase Design
    • Data Translation, Data Acquisition, Scanning
    • Data Quality Management
    • Data Maintenance Procedures
    • GIS Integration with Business Systems

    Application Development

    • Web & Mobile Applications
    • Integration with Work Mgmt, Modeling, Document Mgmt, etc.
    • IT System Infrastructure Design & Configuration
    • Software Selection Support
    • Latitude Geographics Geocortex Deployment
    • ArcGIS Online Configuration
    • ArcGIS for Server Development
    • Training
    • Operational Support

    Program Management

    • Overall Mgmt of Large Integrated Projects
    • Business Process Auditing
    • Operational Policy Development
    • License Agreement Development & Execution
    • Operations Setup & Transition to Client
    • Staff Augmentation

    SitStat Application

    • GIS Services

    • Fire Run Maps

    • Site Plans

    • Technology Strategic Planning

    • Standards Of Coverage