Water Engineering

Decades of Experience Providing Practical Solutions

Psomas’ water engineering experts have decades of experience providing solutions for potable water, recycled water, wastewater, and stormwater for both public and private sector clients.

We provide practical solutions for both new and the rehabilitation of aging infrastructure including pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs, and related facilities. This includes solutions that minimize impacts to residents and the environment, such as trenchless technologies.

Managing urban runoff quality and quantity is an area where we are recognized for providing functional and restorative solutions that respect stormwater as a resource.

In addition, Psomas is the U.S. representative of TaKaDu, a global leader in water network monitoring. The focus is on providing “smart water” services by improving network efficiencies and reducing cost through reduced energy consumption, improved asset management, and reduced water loss.

Select Water Engineering Projects

Additional Water Engineering Projects

Joe Boyle, PE, ENV SP
Vice President/Principal
    Design & Modeling of Conveyance Systems

    • Pipelines
    • Interceptors
    • Collection Systems
    • Pumping Systems
    • Storage Facilities


    • Integrated Water Resource Plans
    • Water Quality Plans
    • Master Plans & Facility Plans

    • Regulatory Compliance Consulting
    • Hydrology & Hydraulics
    • Floodplain Planning & Management
    • Flood Control & Drainage Mitigation Design
    • Structural Design